A German Islamist rises up al-Qaeda’s ranks

Recently, al-Qaeda directly threatened Germany in a YouTube video for the first time. The man featured in the video grew up in Germany and has recently risen within the ranks of the terror group. Intelligence sources fear al-Qaeda is planning a major attack to coincide with German elections this year.

The video, which bears the logo of the al-Qaeda multimedia wing al-Sahab — meaning “the clouds” in Arabic, marks the beginning of a new phase of a modern war in which the West has to combat deeply puzzling opponents such as Harrach. It is an official declaration of war by al-Qaeda against Germany.

There has never been such a direct message, uniquely intended for Germany, warns August Hanning, a top deputy in the Interior Ministry. “This has taken on a new quality,” he says. The film is part of a campaign that aims to force the German government to withdraw its soldiers from Afghanistan.

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