A German al-Qaeda militant jailed for 18 years by a French court for plotting the 2002 suicide bombing of a Tunisian synagogue will appeal, his lawyer said. Christian Ganczarski, 44, a Polish-born convert to Islam, was sentenced late yesterday by a Paris court for the attack on the island of Djerba. “This verdict is wrong and unacceptable,” lawyer Sebastien Bono told LCI television after the verdict. “He is innocent of the charges.”

Walid Nouar, the brother of the man who drove a truck loaded with gas canisters into the historic synagogue, was given 12 years. The attack on the popular tourist site killed 14 Germans, five Tunisians and two French nationals. The trial was held in France because German prosecutors said there wasn’t enough evidence linking Ganczarski to the attack to convict him in a German court. He was arrested five years ago when Saudi authorities expelled him and put him on a flight to Paris.

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