A Muslim woman in Stockholm has filed a report and suit against an adult education college in Spanga, after being told that she could not wear an Islamic headscarf and face-covering in class. The woman, who covers not only her hair but wears a niqab which covers the entire face but the eyes, has reported the matter to the Equality Ombudsman alleging discrimination.

In her report, the woman alleges that she was told that she could not wear the garments in class or in contact with the school’s staff. The school justified the decision by referring to a recent decision by the National Agency for Education, which banned the wearing of some Muslim garments in class.

The woman writes that she finds it “offensive” to be expelled for her “personal style” and argues that the ruling is confusing as some schools permit the niqab. Additionally, she argues that freedom of religion is enshrined in law in Sweden and this should take precedence over the education ruling. A response by the Ombudsman has not been given at this time.

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