A new video purportedly from Al-Qaeda criticizes the German government for squandering taxpayers’ money on troops stationed in Afghanistan. The video, which has been posted to jihadist websites, urges Germany to renounce capitalism and embrace Islam to escape economic recession.

The video shows a still image of a German citizen turned Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, who calls himself Abu Talha. He delivers a 44-minute message in German with Arabic subtitles. “Where are the German philosophers and economists, now that economic crisis besets us?” Abu Talha asks in the message. “And what has happened to all the taxpayers’ money? Much of it has been spent on keeping our soldiers here in Afghanistan,” the message continues. Abu Taba talks at length about Islamic finance and its prohibition of interest (‘ribah’ in Arabic), a central concept of western capitalism.

“After the end of communism, everyone in Germany believed that capitalism was the answer. But what I am saying to you is that Islam is the only way to escape from the economic crisis,” he says.
The video bears the logo of Al-Qaeda’s Al-Sahab media arm but has yet to be authenticated.

An individual calling himself Abu Taba last month appeared in a previous video with his face concealed and threatened Germany over its 3,460 troops currently deployed in northern Afghanistan.

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