Radical Muslims warn of violence

At a press conference held in the Holiday Inn in London Chingford, Muslims warned of a “war of Islam” against the UK population in a backlash to the treatment of protesters during an anti-war protest in Luton.

Controversial cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri, a former member of the disbanded extremist al-Muhajiroun who is banned from the UK and now lives in Lebanon, spoke by telephone conference at the meeting about the “very big hole” that British people are digging themselves in and warned that ‘a war of Islam’ will be waged against those who try to silence Muslims. Among other things he said: “Be careful. The moment we hear you are touching our brothers and sisters in the name of freedom of speech and you declare war against us, we will declare Islam against you.”

At the meeting, Anjem Choudary, also a former member of anti-semetic group al-Muhajiroun, condemned the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions and said the reaction to the Luton protesters proves that “freedom of democracy does not apply when it comes to Muslims”. He also used the opportunity to repeat his views on Shari’a law, which his sect would like to see replace British law: “It is a very dangerous thing to grow up in the UK. Under Shari’a law, people will be educated about the harm and evils of alcohol, promiscuity, homosexuality.”

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