Ontario Superior Court rules that RCMP undercover agent not guilty of entrapment

A judge has found that an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) agent did not entrap a youth who has been convicted of a terrorism-related charge – paving the way for the young man’s sentencing. In a 53-page decision released in Brampton, ON, Justice John Sproat of the Ontario Superior Court ruled that Mubin Shaikh did not commit a criminal act while working undercover.

A group of 18 suspects were arrested in a high-profile Toronto terrorism sweep in the summer of 2006. Four adults and three youths have since been let go. One youth was found guilty of knowingly participating in or contributing to the activities of a terrorist group; it is in the context of his case that the defence raised the entrapment argument. Defense lawyers argued that Shaikh crossed a line during much of his interaction with the suspects, including his attendance at an alleged terror training camp which forms a key part of the Crown’s case against some of the suspects. Upon hearing the decision, Shaikh said he was “overjoyed,” calling it a vindication for him personally after years of attacks by some members of Muslim communities.

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