CNN Commentary: “New media, new Muslim voices” – Michael Wolfe urges more Muslim participation in new forms of media and communication

Author and non-profit founder Michael Wolfe contributes a special commentary on CNN, concerning the needed voices of Muslims in US Media and journalism. Wolfe asks: “With all the focus on Islam and Muslims in the news, the voices of American Muslim civic leaders, or even ordinary Muslims going about their daily business, are too often missing in stories about their own communities here and abroad. Why is it we so often hear what this or that expert thinks about Muslims yet so rarely hear what Muslims themselves think?” His CNN commentary questions the all the all too common remarks that Muslims don’t show their faces to American media enough, but Wolfe argues that Muslim Americans are still striving to make their voices heard on various American media platforms. Wolfe points to the increasing vocality of Muslim American bloggers such as Eboo Patel, Wajahat Ali, and Souheila Al-Jada – who are contributing to the marketplace of ideas online and sharing their perspectives on important issues. For those “American Muslims, who have often found themselves left out of mainstream media discourse, the possibilities are now vastly improved,” he writes.

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