A Utrecht nursing home for the elderly plans to open up a ‘Moroccan department’ in its facility later this summer. The nursing home, located in the neighborhood of Overvecht, will open up spots for twelve Moroccan elderly who are in poor health. The department will cater to cultural and religious sensitivities of its residents, and will include offering Moroccan TV, and making halal meals for its residents. Activities will also be adapted for the needs of the Moroccan residents. According to the nursing home’s owner, Aveant, there is great need for such a department in the local Moroccan community, and for facilities to cater to special consideration of the background and customs of its residents. Experience with Moroccan elderly shows that many do not feel at home in a regular nursing home, but Aveant is hoping that with more sensitive accommodations, it will provide a more home-like atmosphere for aging Moroccans, and to employ personnel who know the language and culture of its residents.

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