Ambassador Cuntz: Teach Germans about Islam to overcome prejudices

The German ambassador to Turkey, Dr. Eckart Cuntz, has urged young Turkish theologians to teach German citizens about Islam while serving in Germany to help conquer people’s prejudices. Cuntz received 100 theologians from the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs who will work in Germany for four years, at the German Embassy on Wednesday. The theologians have attended a four-month course where they were taught German and familiarized themselves with German culture. “I congratulate you on your success in this course. During your service in Germany, you will teach Islam to Germans as well, to overcome their prejudices and try to awaken their interest in your religion. You will experience the importance of mutual respect in German society for yourselves,” said Cuntz. After the German ambassador, Deputy Director of Religious Affairs Mehmet Görmez addressed the young theologians and gave them advice regarding their term of employment in Germany. “I would like to identify you as volunteers of religion rather than workers of religion. Never cease your search for knowledge while you are working there. Teach our noble religion and its principles for peace to our citizens. Teach them that they are sons and daughters of a civilization who has hosted different religions side by side,” Görmez told the theologians. Ali Aslan Kilic reports.

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