Le Figaro Profiles Mohamed-Ali Bouharb, First French Imam in French Police Force

In this article, Le Figaro daily newspaper profiles Mohamed-Ali Bouharb, 32, the French police force’s first official Muslim chaplain. Claiming to have made a “profound affirmation toward Allah at 17,” Bouharb is a member of mosques in Rouen and du Havre where he attended training courses. The chaplain claims he seeks to “integrate Islam within the heart of a large legal institution, without falling into proselytism” which his position impedes. He offers spiritual support to officers who usually contact him by phone or email. He hopes to organize a pilgrimage to Mecca for Muslims involved in the military for 2011. Bouhard summarizes his loyalties in the article’s conclusion, claiming “Yes, I’m a Muslim, but first, I’m an officer of the law.”

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