Northern California police officers disciplined after racial comments

The an Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations announced that disciplinary action has been taken against offices of the Newark Police Department over inappropriate racial comments made to a 15-year old of Moroccan heritage, when he was detained for questioning and late released. While the teen was questioning, a police officer allegedly asked him where he was from, and then said: “You came here to make trouble, I’m sending you back to your country.” Other police officers present reportedly laughed at the comments. The incident left the young man feeling shaken. The local CAIR office called for an investigation of the incident and for a reprimand to the officers involved. AT a meeting this week with police officials, officials confirmed that an internal investigation had been conducted and that appropriate disciplinary action had been taken against the officers involved. “Racially inflammatory comments directed at any person are inappropriate and offensive; that these comments were directed at a minor was entirely unacceptable,” said a spokesperson for CAIR.

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