Spain’s Crown Prince Praises All Who Fight Terrorism

Spain’s Crown Prince Filipe praised all who give “their vest efforts to fight terrorism and aid its victims” in a speech to the 5th International Congress of Terror Victims. The Congress was inaugurated in Medellin by Columbian President Alvaro Uribe, and first lady Lina Moeno, accompanied by the prince and his wife. Terrorism is a “problem of universal dimensions,” so that the response “must be international, with all united in fighting it while being aware of, assisting and aiding those who have been hurt the most. Our countries,” the prince said, “have suffered attacks by groups, organizations and even so-called ‘armies’ that practice terror and bring pain and mourning to millions of people,” Felipe said. Prince Felipe mentioned the terrorism that Spain has suffered and continues to suffer – namely Basque ETA, and Islamic terrorism, as the prince referenced the 2004 bombing of Madrid commuter trains.

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