ISLAM IN EUROPE—Insult: Fractured States? is a three-evening symposium on June 9, 10, and 11 that gathers prominent, cross-sector speakers from diverse disciplines and the Muslim diaspora to share country-specific perspectives on Muslim communities’ integration in European society and address related topical issues for citizens of a multi-cultural world.

In five events, ISLAM IN EUROPE sets the context for and explores possible futures for relations between Western societies and their Muslim communities. Participants will examine how European nations and the Muslim diasporas within their borders consider immediate, local issues. At local to global scale, they will set out opportunities for renewed Western cooperation and diplomacy and through scholarly debate, they will articulate new perspectives offering insight into the ideas that shape policy and thought.

Part I, June 9, 7:00 pm
Opening Event: How Did We Get Here?

Part II, June 10, 6:00 pm
Migration Policy, Response and Reaction:
The Status Quo

Part III, June 10, 7:30 pm
Youth: The Future

Part IV, June 11, 5:00 pm

Part V, June 11, 7:00 pm
Conclusions: Where Do We Go From Here?


This opening discussion sets the historical framework for the entire symposium and explores how Europe’s socio-economic and political history led to contemporary, post-colonial immigration and integration issues. Participants include Benjamin Barber, political theorist and author of Jihad vs. McWorld; Tahar Ben Jelloun, and Farhan Nizami.

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