The “Conference of French Imams” Seeks to Represent Imams

French imams have launched a new body to confront problems facing Muslim religious leaders in the European country. “It is high time for France’s imams to take the initiative in playing a genuine and effective role and filling in the gap left by Muslim groups,” said Drancy imam Hassan Chalghoumi, chairman of the “Conference of French Imams”. Launched on Thursday, June 11, the 43-member body aims to solve problems facing imams in France.
The new council has been critical of CFCM (French Council of the Muslim Faith), established under Sarkozy in 2003. The CFCM has come under fire for its mishandling of key Muslim issues like hijab and Islamophobia. “There is a total absence on the part of CFCM and its leader Mohamed Al-Mosawai,” Mohamed Henich, secretary general of the Union of Muslims Associations in the Seine-Saint-Denis district, said.

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