Alexandra Brown

Project Responsibilities:

Netherlands news and research

Contact Information:

[email protected]

Professional Positions:

PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, McMaster University, Canada

Areas of Expertise:

  • Islam, Modern
  • visual culture
  • multiculturalism and pluralism in the so-called west
  • Islamophobia and social fear
  • anthropological approaches to ‘image’ and ‘object’
  • contemporary representations of Islam
  • secularism / the secular

Select Publications:

Brown, Alexandra. 2012. Managing the Mosaic: The Work of Form in Ontario’s Commission and Report on Religious Arbitration. Debating Shariah: Islam, Gender Politics and Family Law Arbitration Jennifer Selby and Anna Korteweg, eds. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. (forthcoming)

—. 2010. Constructions of Islam in the Controversy of Religious Arbitration: A Consideration of the ‘Shari’a Debate’ in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. 30(3): 343-356.

Professional Bio:

Alexandra Brown is a doctoral candidate in Anthropology at McMaster University, Canada. Combining a background in the anthropology of religion with her current focus in visual and material anthropology, Alexandra’s work interrogates the material products of debates over Islam and secularism in the west. Her dissertation explores these themes through an analysis of the Dutch anti-Islam movie Fitna. In addition to an ongoing interest in issues of theory and method, her research and teaching areas include contemporary Islam; secularism and the secular; visual and material culture; multiculturalism and pluralism in the so-called west; Islamophobia and social fear; and anthropological approaches to ‘image’ and ‘object’. Alexandra conducts fieldwork in the Netherlands, where she participates as guest researcher at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis.


Alexandra Brown CV

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