Dutch Muslim Initiates “Walk of Tolerance”

A Dutch Muslim woman who has worn a headscarf for the past two years is calling for participants in a walk of tolerance “to create awareness and demand tolerance for our faith and our headscarf.” Joany Dahlmans tells Wereld Journalisten that she hopes to gather participants to walk as a group in the Four Days Marches in Nijmegen in 2010, when the country participates in a massive series of walking marches. The march is Dahlman’s response to her own experience being cursed and jeered at on previous marches. She tells Wereld Journalisten that she wants to show veiled Muslim women that they deserve just as much respect and opportunities in society. “My experience is a minuscule part of what takes place in society. I hope that the ‘Walk of Tolerance’ kindles the social debate.”

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