Islamic art on show at British Foreign and Commonwealth Office

A new exhibition of Islamic art and photography has gone on show in the historic Durbar Court at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The exhibition featured contemporary art and photography by British Muslim artists. Visitors to the Islamic art exhibition saw work by some of the UK’s leading Muslim artists. The show’s organiser said Ramadan is the perfect time of year to showcase Muslim talent.

Nazish Jalini, who helped arrange the event said the idea struck her as she tried to start a Muslim social network and thought that during Ramadan would be the ideal time to showcase Muslim talent through art. Speaking at the launch of the exhibition was Imran Daud, whose company Elevation Arts represents some of the UK’s finest up and coming artistic talent:

“I think this is an important exhibition because you need to showcase Islamic art, it’s an emerging art form, it’s something that we need today in order to be able to speak to wider communities, to bridge the gap, there’s a lot of forces out there who seek to polarize and cause divisions between communities and I think art is one of those things that is used to transcend normal modes of communication it brings out things that are deeper and underlying issues that you might like to express in a way that is not hostile.”

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