Neighbourhood tensions around Amersfoort Mosque

    De Stad Amersfoort reports this week on ongoing tensions between the El Fath mosque and the wider community in in Liendert (Amersfoort). After several incidents of confrontation the local party BPA is pressing in the local council for police supervision, however the mosque administration says the unrest is exaggerated in the media.

    Disagreements in recent months between mosque-visitors and residents have arisen regarding bicycling on the footpath parallel to the Valleikanaal, cars being double parked in the neighborhood, and dogs being let loose near the mosque. Abdelkarim Elkarti, the El Fath spokesperson and former board member says that a small number of residents are attempting to draw undue attention to the mosque on political grounds. He explains, “There’s absolutely no issue here of the situation escalating. We’re doing many activities for and with the neighborhood and we’ve received many expressions of support and positive reactions.”

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