Muslim organizations have condemned a planned demonstration by extremists who are calling for shari’a law in Britain. Parts of the media have also come under fire for implying that the extremists are representative of British Muslims generally.

The demonstration, involving a march from Parliament to Trafalgar Square on October 31, is organized by the fringe group Islam4UK, who support “the full implementation of shari’a law in the UK” and say that they “have had enough of freedom”. The group and events are mainly organized by extremist Anjem Choudary.

However, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), an umbrella body for Muslim organizations, said that they deplored the march and expressed their firm support for “the value of free speech in Britain”. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Islamic Society of Britain told the Daily Telegraph that “99.999 per cent of Muslims despise these people. This only serves to fuel racial tensions.”

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