An internet video launched on October 20, 2009 envisions a world in which everyone of Moroccan descent has left the Netherlands. The 8 minute film, titled Kop of Munt (Heads or Tails), appears on the website The film’s creators describe themselves as “socially engaged Dutch-Moroccan young people bursting with energy and creativity”. But exactly who they are remains unclear, as the makers of both film and website remain anonymous.

In the world of Kop of Munt, Rotterdam has no mayor, taxis are stranded without drivers, and newspapers go undelivered. “Worst of all”, as Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports, “in a country with no Moroccans at the center of controversy, the Dutch press is struggling to fill its pages. An empty newspaper opinion page desperately appeals to its readers for material.”

The makers claim to show that “Moroccan Dutch people are an integral part of society.” However a poll conducted on right wing news website in reaction to Kop of Munt was rushed by respondents welcoming the idea of a “100 percent Moroccan-free” Netherlands.

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