A survey, conducted by the little known institutes INFO GmbH (Berlin) and Liljeberg Research International (Antalya/Turkey), compares values systems of Germans, Turks and Turks in Germany for the first time. About 1,000 people were polled about their values, religiosity, life views and consumption.

While general values of friendship, family cohesion, freedom, democracy and political participation were highly regarded in all three groups, they differed in more concrete issues, especially regarding sexuality. 9 percent of the Germans, but 32 percent of German Turks and 52 percent of Turks thought that raising children is entirely a female responsibility. 18 percent of Germans, 41 percent of German Turks and 62 percent of Turks thought that the husband/father externally represents the family.

Similarly strong tendencies could be observed in questions of condemning premarital sex or regarding virginity of the bride as a prerequisite for marriage. In general, the values of German Turks resemble those of their counterparts in Turkey much more than those of the Germans.

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