Embassies close in Yemen, America reviews its security approaches

Threats from al-Qaida in the Arabian Penninsula caused the British and American Embassies in Sana’a to close their doors. Intelligence indicated impending attacks beginning three weeks ago.

The American Embassy is no stranger to terrorist threats. Al-Qaida set off a car bomb in September 2008 that killed 19 people, and shootout occurred in January 2009 between police and men in a car near the embassy. The American military has since increased security aid to Yemen. General Petraeus suggests increasing it to $150 millon in 2010.

There are clashes between Obama’s security team and members of the Bush Administration’s team, with Vice Presidenty Cheney accusing Obama of neglecting terrorism issues. Obama’s counterterrorism chief John Brennan accused Cheney of being ignorant of Obama’s plans for handling al-Qaida.

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