Son of suspected extremist expelled from Canada

Police in Windsor, Ontario have apprehended the son of a suspected Muslim extremist killed this week in Detroit by U.S. agents, and within hours Canadian border agents expelled him from the country.

“We have him now,” FBI Special Agent Sandra Berchtold said. Mujahid Carswell, also known as Mujahid Abdullah, 30, had been living openly in Windsor for months and moving routinely back and forth between Windsor and Detroit.

Canadian border agents declined to say why Carswell had been expelled or whether he was entitled to any hearing. The section of the FBI complaint involving Carswell says he was involved in teaching martial arts to young children in mosques on both sides of the river separating Detroit and Windsor and that he sometimes beat them. Windsor police spokesperson Sergeant Brett Corey said there were no charges outstanding against Carswell and he was turned over to Canadian border agents.

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