Work contracts terminated for Muslim employees

Lega Nord Trentino terminated a cleaning contract with a firm composed of Islamic employees.

Don Giuseppe Caldera, in charge of Migrantes and Director of the Missionary Diocesan Centre says it is discrimination and risks instigation of religious hatred. Assou El Bariji, coordinator of immigrant workers for CGIL (left wing Trade Union) in Trentino, denounced the Lega Nord initiative as racist and against the basic principles of the Human Rights’ Charter and the Italian constitution. He accuses the Lega Nord of bigotry and deplores its incapacity to recognize the value and contribution of foreigners to Trentino. The facts are raising political clashes and protests in the region and beyond.

Alessandro Savoi, head of the Lega Nord group explained that their request is motivated by security concerns: it is, indeed, neither secure nor appropriate to allow Islamic workers to move freely within their offices and to have access to their computers. Moreover, they were found sleeping on the office’s sofas.

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