Reactions to fatwa against terrorism

Fear of Muslim extremists is rampant these days in Britain. According to the British Secret Service, supposedly well over 1,000 Muslim extremists live on the island who are prepared to resort to violence to achieve their goals. The government in London is hence desperately searching for ways to prevent young British Muslims from being radicalized, trying to reverse the trend toward violence.

In this article, the author summarizes measures taken by the British government against radical Islam, including the sponsorship of the Quilliam Foundation, and very critically examines the recent publication of Tahir ul-Qadri, in which he condemns suicide bombings and terrorism from an Islamic point of view. The author claims that this publication has received disproportionate media attention, while there have been other Muslim scholars in Britain and elsewhere condemning terrorism, which has caused little attention. Furthermore, Tahir ul-Qadri, who is not the most liberal and tolerant scholar himself and also, his fatwa does not seem to reach out far enough. In Germany at any rate, the secret service did not observe any reaction from the jihadi scene.

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