The premier for “Islam Rising: Geert Wilders Warning to the West”, a film by the American Christian Action Network (CAN), has been canceled. Wilders had initially planned to attend the Los Angeles premier but pulled out due anti-gay comments made by one of the film’s backers. The premier organizers have now canceled the event to “avoid creating any false impressions about our agenda and goals, or those of Geert Wilders”, Dutch News reports.

Media attention to Wilders continues with a feature article in the NRC Handelsblad exploring the difficulties teachers face “explaining to their students that anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is allowed to say things that would not be tolerated in school”. The feature suggests that Wilders’ anti-Islam rhetoric has created challenges for teachers: they must negotiate on the one hand students concerned that they will be made to leave the Netherlands if Wilders comes to power, and on the other those who repeat derogatory rhetoric because they are quoting a prominent politician.

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