The female Islamic guerrilla deemed unworthy of Jihad: The Debate

In the aftermath of the Moscow events, a debate on the role of Muslim women as suicide bombers is taking place on the Internet. Many religious authorities around the world have been interrogated on the matter, giving different and interesting answers. Some, although recognizing the possibility at a theoretical level, end up denying woman’s participation to such activities for practical reasons, as it would imply promiscuity which is forbidden in the Quran: women should only offer financial support to mujaheddin or send their brothers, sons or husbands instead. Others accept female suicide bombers but specify the differences in terms of the heavenly recompense. A woman, in fact, won’t receive the 72 brides promised to male martyrs; rather, if married, she will wait the reunion with her husband and if unmarried, she will be assigned to a man already in Heaven. With the blessing of gender equality!!

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