Father of USS Cole victim is allowed to display anti-Islam decal

Jesse Nieto, whose son was killed along with 15 other sailors in the 2000 terrorist attack against the USS Cole, had used to display an anti-Islam decal on his car proclaiming “Islam=Terrorism,” as well as a picture of US flag with the words: “Disgrace My Countries [sic] Flag And I Will [defecate] On Your Quran.” He also displayed a cartoon of the prophet Mohammad as a re-creation of the Danish cartoons that had provoked Muslims. Mr. Nieto is a civilian employee at the Camp Lejeune Marine Base. After seven years of displaying these messages, Mr. Nieto was ordered to remove them. Nieto filed a lawsuit in North Carolina based on his right to freedom of speech. He has now won the case and is allowed to display anti-Islam decals on his car while driving on the base.

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