French police fine Muslim driver for wearing burqa

A French Muslim woman has been fined for wearing a full-face veil while driving a car. Police in the western city of Nantes said the veil – which showed only her eyes – restricted her vision and could have caused an accident. The woman’s lawyer says they will appeal against the decision, which he described as a breach of human rights.

After stopping the 31-year-old woman – who has not been named – police asked her to raise her veil to confirm her identity, which she did. They then fined her 22 euros ($2), saying her clothing posed a “safety risk”. Her lawyer, Jean-Michel Pollono, said the woman’s field of vision was not obstructed and added that a veil was no different from a motorcycle helmet in terms of hindrance to vision. “Currently no law forbids the wearing of the niqab.” There is a developing story as to whether her husband is living in France legally and whether he has a polygamous marital arrangement.

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