Sumaya Abdel Kader wears the hijab, adores Queen, speaks Italian perfectly and is even planning to take her second degree. She strongly opposes the common idea that veiled women are jinxed hidden under a curtain. She is a 32 years old woman that wears the veil according to the new Islamic fashion which respects young Muslim women willingness not to become ugly and let themselves go. Sumaya is an Italian citizen, born in Perugia from Jordanian-Palestinian parents and is Muslim. She is proud of her mixed cultural heritage. She is well accepted by the majority of both Italians and Muslims who have acknowledged the multicultural reality of Italy. This popularity is testified by her participation in many events and conferences all around the country to publicize her book “Porto il velo e adoro i Queen”, “I Wear the Veil and Adore Queen”. What she doesn’t like of the Italian society is the fact that wearing the veil is still very difficult. Usually, in fact, those who chose to veil are subject to discrimination, especially at work. Moreover, many people express stupor at her playful and sunny temperament, as her way of being was in contradiction with her way of dressing. She underlines the difficulties she usually faces also with certain Islamic immigrants who, for example, see being a Muslim in contradiction with choosing to speak Italian with her children. But she doesn’t perceive any contradiction in it as she considers herself Italian (she has just obtained the Italian citizenship after having waited for 13 years!).

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