Moroccan man arrested for hitting his wife because she refused to veil

In Milan, a woman, 6 months pregnant, was injured by her husband with an iron. Their children called the neighbours who phoned the police immediately. The man has been arrested on charges of aggravated assault and family maltreatment. It is not the first time that the woman has been brought to hospital as a consequence of her husband’s violence. Despite this, in the past she always refused to denounce the man.
A boom of foreigners in Italy: 1 out of every 9 Muslims is an entrepreneur
The Regional (Lombardy) Observatory for Integration and Multiethnicity (ORIM) has made public that in Lombardy the number of Muslim entrepreneurs or those who are self-employed varies between 10,000-11,000, of which 55-60% reside in Milan. Thus, in Lombardy there is 1 entrepreneur/self-employed person out of every 12 Muslims, with a maximum in the city of Milan, where 1 out of 9 Muslims is an entrepreneur/self-employed.

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