Muslim consumer markets on the rise in Britain

Muslim consumers are a growing, influential and extremely loyal group, making them a desirable market for mainstream brands. But reaching them requires more than launching Sharia-compliant products. Making inroads to this sector takes deep understanding of the values of this community and building the brand from there.

Mohamed El-Fatatry, founder of integrated marketing agency Muxlim, says the Muslim consumer is predicted to account for 30% of the world’s population by 2025. As such, ensuring these consumers are spending could help nations repair some of the damage of the recent recession. Khalid Sharif, founder of halal food company Ummah Foods and The Muslim Paper, believes that British marketers should pay special heed, because if you target the community correctly in Britain, it could propel your brand to a global status. “The UK community is so well connected to the rest of the Muslim world,” he notes.

Mainstream products being inclusive of Muslim consumers in their marketing is another good way to gain support from Islamic consumers without having to change very much about a brand, says Muxlim’s El Fatatry. Rather than launching an Islamic iPhone, for example, Apple could just highlight an iPhone featuring an Islamic application in its campaigns.

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