Nabahet Moulay Slimane and her husband were arrested in their house in a suburb
of Cork, Ireland, for their connection with Colleen LaRose, an American convert
who became known as ‘Jihad Jane’. On 9 March 2010, the police detained seven
persons in Ireland for allegedly plotting to murder the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks
who depicted Muhammad in 2007. After three days of questioning by the police,
Slimane and her husband were released without charge. In this article, she tells her
story. LaRose spent time in Slimane’s house during her stay in Ireland in 2009, using
her phone and internet, until her sudden departure after a few weeks. LaRose was
introduced to Slimane and her husband by a family friend as an American convert,
maltreated by her own family due to her conversion to Islam. Slimane describes
the shock and horror the sudden arrest has brought to her family. She was forced
to shut down their small family business, her family has been stigmatised in the
local community and by the media, and she has been suffering from psychological
distress since then.
Irish Examiner
Wednesday 30 June, 2010, p. 19
‘Our Jihad Jane Link’
‘The Cork-based Muslim family arrested for links to ‘Jihad Jane’ in March have
decided to tell their story to Sharon Ní Choncúir’

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