British Muslim summer camp preaches “anti-terror” message

8 August 2010

Warwick University this weekend was the venue for what is billed as the
UK’s first anti-terrorism camp: 1,300 young Muslim men and women were
listening to Dr Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri, an Islamic scholar with a gift
for rhetorical flourishes and what he describes as a message of love for
mankind. Talking in simple, slowly delivered sentences, the revivalist
Pakistani-born cleric takes his audience of predominantly young British
and European Muslims through what love means.

That anti-extremism message is at the heart of Dr Qadri’s worldwide
movement and its efforts to rapidly expand in the UK
Earlier this year, he arrived in London to launch a launch a 600-page
fatwa, or religious ruling against terrorism. It is not the first such
fatwa but Dr Qadri’s followers say it is the first to have “no ifs or
buts”. The weekend camp, called “The Guidance”, was organised to back up
that fatwa and has recruited participants from cities across the country.

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