13 August 2010

With HATIF, the first opt-out programme for Islamists, the German
Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution aims to help those
who want to leave the militant Islamist milieu. Although this new
approach has been broadly welcomed, some doubts remain over its
potential efficacy.

Through HATIF, which is the Arab term for telephone and also the
abbreviation in German for “Heraus Aus Terrorismus und Islamistischem
Fanatismus” (or “leaving terrorism and Islamist fanaticism”), anyone
wanting to turn their back on the extremist milieu or their concerned
relatives and acquaintances can contact the BfV directly via a telephone
hotline or via email to receive support in their efforts to do so.

Of course there are many voices who doubt the success of HATIF.
Questions range from who is supposed to be calling, whether someone in
that situation would trust the authorities, and if this is the right
measure to help former Islamists, so the success will have to be proven
in the future.

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