Protect Moroccan prisoners by providing Iftar during Ramadan

August 17, 2010
The association “Alternativa Culturale dei Marocchini in Italia” (Cultural Alternative of Italian Moroccans) is providing for Iftar to Moroccan prisoners in the Lazio region during the period of Ramadan. This project is coordinated by the foundation Hassan II and the Ministry of Moroccan Community Abroad. The Guarantor of the prisoners’ rights in the region Lazio has welcomed the initiative and the directors of many prisons in the region are checking its feasibility. The plan, says the Guarantor, has undeniable social value as it facilitates a connection between the detainees and the outside world. This is of particular importance considering the difficulty that overcrowded Italian prisons are facing. The initiative, in fact, encourages the detainees toward social rehabilitation.

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