Smartphones Assist Muslims During Ramadan

News Agencies – August 12, 2010
The most ancient traditions of Islam are going high-tech, with a slew of modern offerings for those observing the holy month of Ramadan. Cellphone applications such as “iPray” or “iQuran” offer a beeping reminder of requisite prayer times, while the “Find Mecca” and “Mosque Finder” programs help the Muslim traveller in an unfamiliar city find the nearest place to pray. Another application called Find Mecca, is a compass-like program with an electronic indicator that changes from red to green when you’ve reached the requisite prayer angle of 58-degrees, Northeast, to ensure you’re facing Mecca from any location — a requirement of all Muslims when praying.
The programs aren’t just offered by Apple; Nokia has a Ramadan suite for its cellphones that consolidates everything worshippers need to know to observe Islam’s holiest month.

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