News Agencies – September 6, 2010
In order to lure Muslim populace, French fast food chain Quick has started serving halal-only foods in 22 of its outlets. Sitting at the second position in France following McDonald’s, Quick has 346 restaurants across the country. It revealed that its sales have twofolded at eight outlets, where they have started serving halal food.
It is now modifying its products so as to cater to the demands of the Muslim society. The burgers that were previously served with bacon, at the restaurant in Fleury-Merogis, outside Paris will now have smoked turkey in them.
The Company is being vigilant and is adhering to Quranic guidelines for the right usage of animal’s meat in their offerings. In fact, they have put a certificate on the wall to prove it. Meanwhile, the Company has received mixed response from the customers regarding this change. While some are happy about it, others particularly in the Alsace region believe that halal food is being imposed on them.

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