A man who held federal agents at bay with fake explosives threatened to start a war between Muslims and Christians. He also threatened to kill President Barack Obama, according to charges filed against him Wednesday.

The eight-hour standoff Tuesday night began after FBI and Secret Service agents, accompanied by police, went to the home of Roman Otto Conaway, to query him about a report that he had been making threats. He eventually surrendered on the promise of getting a mental health evaluation.

Conaway said that he wanted to start a war between Christians and Muslims, kill Obama and other government officials, end the war in Afghanistan “which (expletive) Bush started” and ‘start an Apocalypse,” court documents say.

A few minutes later, Conaway posted an online message on the Facebook social network, claiming he would burn a Quran at 3 p.m. Several hours later, he posted, “i need everbody with a camera phone or video phone or video cameras to come to 9030 summit drive in fairview heights illinois. the media and your goverment thinks this isa joke. im not joking.”

“I humbly apologize for my actions,” Conaway later told agents.

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