Free riding with Islam Critics

28 September 2010
An old journalistic adage says: “sex sells.” These days, however, whether it’s minarets, headscarves or the Qur’an, it seems it is Islam that sells. Nonetheless, the recent news of a minaret going up in Langenthal has been handled responsibly by the press, and the picture used in most cases clearly shows the diminutive dimensions of the proposed minaret.
Only the newspaper Blick has taken a different course: while using pictures overexaggerating the size of the minaret, they have also characterized a recent decision allowing veils in the school community of Bad Ragaz as a “further triumph for the Muslims!” It is precisely this kind of journalism which promotes the media careers of extremists like the recent American pastor who threatened to burn the Qur’an: without the media’s spotlights there would not have even been a problem.

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