News Agencies – October 27, 2010

In a newly released audio tape Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden threatens to kill French citizens to avenge their country’s support for the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan and a new law that will ban face-covering Muslim veils. In the tape posted on Al-Jazeera’s website, bin Laden said France was aiding the Americans in the killing of Muslim women and children in an apparent reference to the war in Afghanistan. He said the kidnapping of five French citizens in the African nation of Niger last month was a reaction to what he called France’s oppression of Muslims.
The authenticity of the tape could not be immediately verified but the voice resembled that of the terror group leader on previous tapes determined to be genuine. France’s Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. France has about 4,000 troops deployed in and near Afghanistan. CFCM (French Council of the Muslim Faith) president, Mohammed Moussaoui, condemned the threat.

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