Ansar al-Islam in Wikileaks Documentary

November 2, 2010

Documents concerning the Islamist group Ansar al-Islam (nowadays also known as Ansar al-Sunna) released by Wikileaks, claim that the group is behind a number of beheadings, threats, and car bombs in Iraq. Ansar al-Islam was founded by Mulla Krekar, who is living in Norway since 1991. He has not been granted Norwegian citizenship, and since 2006 he’s on the UN terror list. Krekar or Ansar al-Islam is mentioned 184 times in the documents released by Wikileaks. One example is published by NRK who has read all the documents concerning Ansar al-Islam and Krekar:

«XXXXXX obtained the vehicles and arranged their delivery to the homes of the insurgent leaders for installation of the explosives. (..) YYYYYY was to participate in the attack. YYYYYY was a prominent amir and associated with Mulla Krekar, the grand leader of Ansar al-Islam.»

This has led to new debates in Norway about the controversial Krekar, and whether or not he should be persecuted or deported. Amongst others Siv Jensen, leader of right wing Fremskrittspartiet, says she wants to see Krekar in jail.

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