December 3, 2010

MP for Danish People’s Party, Jesper Langballe, has been convicted of libel. In January 2010 a heated debate took place in Denmark in continuation of controversial statements on Muslim fathers and rape made by president of the Danish Free Press Society, Lars Hedegaard. Jesper Langballe, in a feature in a nationwide paper wrote: “of course Hedegaard shouldn’t say that Muslim fathers rape their daughters when the truth is that they kill them (the so called honour killings) – and in addition don’t pay notice to uncles’ rape of their daughters”. The statements led to condemnation of Langballe from all parts of the political spectrum – including the Danish Prime Minister who said: “Langballe’s words are stupid and generalizing”.
December 3 2010 Langballe was sentenced a fine of 5000 Danish Kroner.

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