04.05.2011, 05.05.2011
The radical cleric Anjem Choudary, known supporter of Osama Bin Laden and former leader of the outlawed Islamist group al-Muhajiroun, announced he would lead a funeral prayer for Bin Laden outside the US Embassy in London on Friday. He called on fellow extremist to join the public prayer and demonstrations against the killing of Bin Laden. Further, he warned of potential domestic terror attacks following Bin Laden’s death. Similarly, the exiled radical preacher Omar Bakri has called for funeral prayers in front of US Embassies around the world. Bakri has condemned the killing of Bin Laden and warned the West of heavy retaliation by Al Qaeda. Britain, like other Western countries, has advised the public to remain alert to the threat of Al Qaeda.

On Friday, then, hundreds of Bin Laden supporters gathered outside the US Embassy in London and protested against the killing of Bin Laden. Concurrently, in Cardiff, a group of approximately 25 Muslims has held a funeral prayer for Bin Laden. Welsh Islamic leaders have, however, condemned the group for holding the funeral prayer. The Muslim Council for Wales and Riverside, for instance, described the group as “publicity-seekers”

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