The Observatory of Religious Pluralism opened this week

On Tuesday 5 the Spanish Minister of Justice presented the new Observatory of Religious Pluralism, a webpage for providing information about religious diversity in Spain. Its main objective is to promote a better public management of religious pluralism, based on a just application of the Spanish constitutional and legal framework in order to guarantee to all individuals their right to practice their religion freely.
The Observatory is also a reference portal for researchers and in general for anyone who wants to know more about religious pluralism in Spain.
To this end, the Observatory provides updated data at the municipal level about places of worship of different faiths and analyzes its evolution, systematizes the legislation that affects the exercise of religious freedom, develops guidelines in order to promote the good governance of religious diversity, identifies and promotes good practices of public management of religious diversity, channels the demands of governments and provides answers through specific routes of governance, and promotes research and bibliographic production on religious pluralism and its impact on Spanish society.

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