MASON, Tex. — Crockett Keller, a weapons instructor who runs a general store in this small town in Central Texas, needed a few more students for a recent concealed-handgun course. He decided to put an ad on a local country music radio station, but his attempt to prohibit certain students from signing up has jeopardized his state-certified status and earned him praise, condemnation and even death threats from people around the world.

The 68-second ad, which has stopped running but has since been posted on YouTube, ends with an anti-Muslim, anti-liberal and anti-Obama-voter message.

“Why would I teach people who have sworn the annihilation of the United States and who can lie, cheat, steal and murder Americans in order to further Islam?” Mr. Keller said. “Why would I arm someone like that? Why would I enable them to carry a weapon legally? I don’t want to be a part of that. I’m sorry those flight instructors didn’t have the same hindsight to know that these guys were up to no good, and they shouldn’t be teaching them, and they should have refused.”

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