Popular TV program, Little Mosque on the Prairie, cancelled

News Agencies – January 6, 2012

Little Mosque on the Prairie, the gentle CBC satire about a Muslim community in the fictional small town of Mercy, Sask., that will be entering its sixth and final season on Monday.

“We all know, in this industry, that every show has a life span,” says Manoj Sood who plays Baber Siddiqui. “For a show to last six seasons in the current business of television, that’s a really great thing. Not to mention that the show, depending on the time of year, is airing in about 70 different countries.” “It’s popular around the world for two reasons,” says Sood. “The first was its timing. It was the first show of its kind, ever. More important, it grew out of the post-9/11 environment.”

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