Obama gives people reason to believe he’s Muslim, Gingrich says

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said Friday that President Obama gives people reason to believe that he’s a Muslim.

The statement, which Gingrich made at a campaign event in Port Fourchon, La., comes as the former House speaker is struggling to stay relevant in the Republican presidential nominating contest.

The comment marks the second time this week that the issue of Obama’s religious faith has come up at a Gingrich campaign event, although it appeared to be the first time Gingrich has blamed Obama for public misperceptions of his religion. Obama is a Christian.

At a rally in Lake Charles, La., earlier this week, Gingrich ignored a statement by a town hall attendee who said he believes Obama is Muslim.

Asked afterward by a reporter why he did not correct the man, Gingrich did not answer directly but said that he personally believes Obama is a Christian.

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