Congress about fiqh maliki and the Al Andalus

12/03/2012 Author: Abdul Haqq Salaberria

In Tangier, Morocco, a group of ulamas, academics, and researchers from all over the world got together to discuss the modern presence of the fiqh-maliki school of the Andalus and its influence in the configuration of the cognitive Islamic universe. Bashir Castineira, Imam jatib of the Granada Mosque spoke about the existence of several Spanish Islamic communities working to establish again Islam in Al-Andalus, of their dawa effort and the teaching of the fiqh-maliki, and the publication in Spanish of classical juridical texts.


List of Lecturers :


  1. Dr. Abdel Hadi Tazi, from the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco
  2. Dr. Khalid Abdullah’s Madhkour, Chairman of the Council of Islamic Sharia in Kuwait
  3. Shaykh Muhammad Amin Shijna Wild, representative of the Council of Ulema of Mauritania
  4. Dr. Jamila Zian, Professor at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Saiss and Sidi  Mohammed Ben Abdellah and member of the Islamic Council of Fez
  5. Castiñeira Bashir, Imam Khatib Mosque in Granada and student of the Koran at the University of Fez Qairawiyyin
  6. Abdul Haqq Salaberria, Secretary of the Basque Islamic Council



  • Maliki school Andalusian-Maghreb in the world;
  • the legacy of Al Andalus Muslims contemporary Andalus:
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