A Saudi citizen is detained in Valencia for supposed links to al-Qaeda

According to the Civil Guard sources within the al-Qaeda organization the Saudi citizen detained in Valencia is known as the librarian of Al Qaeda. The Civil Guard believes that he ran from Valencia one of the best-known jihadist forums dedicated to indoctrination and recruitment of terrorists. According to the Ministry of Interior the prisoner has provided jihadists with transport and eventual trips to Afghanistan although for now it is not known how many people have made these trips.
The initials of the arrested are M.H.A. Born in Amman and of Saudi nationality, he was being tracked since February 2011by the Central External Unit of the Spanish Civil Guard.
The Civil Guard sources say that the Valencia detainee worked directly for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The pattern is repeated: Married to a Spanish woman with whom he had a daughter, living in Spain, dedicated fully to his terrorist activities (8 to 15 hours a day), and known in police circles for acting as a leader in scenarios such as mosques and other places that were used as jihadist schools. The operation remains open and more than 100 Civil Guard officers have participated in the investigations.

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